Tandis qu’il examinait un avion de plus près, un homme l’ a brusquement pris et il l’ a jeté à l’intérieur avec les bagages. Eh bien dis donc, même les tatous parlent français au Texas? Heureusement, après des heures et des heures, il a trouvé l’entrée de aéroport Bush International. We dance a lot. Il ne faut pas que Tammy et toi ayez peur de vous marier. This phenomenon is called liaison ‘linking’ and is very characteristic of French.

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La mort d’ Armadillo dans la cage. Listen to the following sentences. Armadillo darted right in front of me. Je savais que tu comprendrais Armadillo Isaac Newton. Mais en , tout d’un coup sa vie a changé quand il a découvert que ses parents étaient I love rap music and I often listen to music in clubs. In fact, he became one hundred per cent French.

A mood is a grammatical term which helps categorize verb tenses. The subjunctive is used more frequently in French than in English. One important use of the subjunctive is after the expression il faut queindicating necessity.

TATOU – Definition and synonyms of tatou in the French dictionary

The subjunctive also expresses a feeling or emotion such as a wish, hope, or doubt. For most verbs, the subjunctive mood is formed by dropping the -ent ending from the third person plural of the present indicative and adding the endings: This is known as the regular formation of the subjunctive. The first of these categories concerns verbs with two stems in the subjunctive. These verbs have a similar two-stem irregularity in the present indicative for example, ‘ils vienn ent’ BUT ‘nous ven ons’.


The first person plural of the present indicative provides the second trench for the ‘nous’ and ‘vous’ forms of the subjunctive. The regular subjunctive endings are added to these two stems.

Note that the ‘nous’ and ‘vous’ forms are spelled with the letter y instead of the i characteristic of the regular subjunctive endings. Note in particular the pronunciation of the subjunctive forms of avoirwhich have the same vowel sound as found in j’ai I havethe first person singular in the present indicative.

The endings, however, are regular. Listen to the dialogue: Paw-Paw donne des conseils à son petit-fils, Tex. Paw-Paw is giving advice to his grandson Tex. Tex, mon cher, il faut que tu saches que la vie est courte.

Tammy est une tatou formidable. Tu ne vas pas trouver une meilleure femme. Il ne faut pas que Tammy et toi ayez peur de vous marier.

« tatou » in English

Comme je l’ai dit. Moi, je veux seulement que vous soyez heureux. Et une autre chose: Je arnadillo tout seul en Louisiane et la famille me manque.


armadillo french

Il faut que nous fassions plus de choses ensemble. Il faut que j’ aie plus de compagnie. Tex, my dear, you have to know that life is short. Tammy is a fabulous armadillo.

Armadillo: translate English – French

You are not going to find a better wife. You and Tammy must not be afraid to get married.

As for me, I only want you to be happy. After your marriage, you must come see me. I am all alone in Louisiana and I miss zrmadillo family.

armadillo french

We have to do more things together. I’ve got to have more company. Fill in the blank with the aemadillo of the verb in parentheses.